The National College of Medical and Applied Sciences is pushing its first products to the job market

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The Dean of the National College of Medical and Applied Sciences, Dr. Widad Zein Al-Saqqaf said that the National College of Applied Sciences (private community college) in Aden Governorate has an official license to practice educational activity (the special accreditation license by Ministerial Resolution No. (4) for the year 2023 AD Article. No. 1 indicates that the National College of Medical and Applied Sciences (private community college in Aden Governorate) Special accreditation license has been granted for the high diploma level, three-year post-secondary system, or its equivalent, in applied programs. with a degree of technicians in the following specialties: pharmacy, midwifery, obstetrics, dentistry, anaesthesia, operations and laboratories, in addition to general medical assistant and dental assistant. Article no. (2) says that the college has the right to practice educational activity. For the programs described in Article (1) of the decision and Article No. (3), the college undertakes to implement curricula and study plans approved by the executive.

The dean of the college said: “The college enriched the labor market by graduating its first batch, and the number of graduates reached 63, divided between general medical assistants, 30 laboratory assistants, 13 laboratory assistants, and dental assistants, 20 students. The college also contracted with a number of hospitals and health centers for the purpose of training and field visits, which were well received.” There is satisfaction between male and female students in the college, such as the Republic and Friendship Educational Hospital. , and it is working to add additional means of assistance to develop field education in the field. The college is also preparing to open clinical clinics for dental specialization to serve the community, under the supervision of specialized medical personnel, where.

She emphasized that “the college aims to provide human expertise capable of adaptation and creativity in the field of productive technology, in addition to providing a qualified human cadre in the medical and applied fields and to create technological, service and product network points and operate them effectively. It also aims to provide advanced training for Yemeni youth to qualify them to work in the local and regional market.” “And to enrich the labor market with skills trained and ready to develop and expand the local market technologically.”

She explained that “the college is in the process of opening many different new specialties in the engineering fields, including five specializations, including cyber security, artificial intelligence, medical equipment engineering, and information technology, in addition to the graphics specialization, in addition to the. field of humanities and administrative sciences, which includes four specializations in English language, accounting, business administration, and marketing.”

She emphasized that “the conditions for admission and registration do not differ from government colleges, because enrollment in the college requires obtaining a high school diploma and fulfilling the conditions and procedures for admission of the college administration. The dean of the college calls on those who wish . to enroll in technical education and vocational training to quickly register to seize the opportunity of the discount on the occasion of the national holidays, which is the 26th.” From September, October 14 and November 30, the college allocated seats for competitive partial. scholarships that expire at the end of this November, looking to help everyone.”

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