The President of the General Authority for Regulation of Land Transport honors the leadership of the Aden branch and the Department of Personnel Affairs.

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Mr. Fares Shafal, President of the General Authority for Transport Regulation, honored the Department of Personnel Affairs in the branch for their dedication to work and their precision in following the details of the work with all skill and ability.

Shafal started the honor with his speech, in which he expressed his great pleasure to honor the selfless people in the branch, and I thank them for their discipline in work, and this is a matter of interest and appreciation to the leadership of the authority.

Shafal emphasized that the honor is not only a moral motivation, but also because the personnel management of the branch played a positive role in the implementation of the tasks assigned to them.

He also explained that honoring is a positive idea to develop and advance the work, emphasizing that he will spare no effort to honor and support all the innovators in the Authority, with the rule that the innovator is honored, the uneducated will be taught. , and the negligence will be held responsible.

Shafal indicated in his speech that he thanks first and last to the Director General of the Authority, Aden Branch, Engineer Abdul Wahab Salem, and to all the employees of the branch.

The honor ceremony was attended by Mr. Sanad Dhiban, Vice President of the Authority, and Mr. Ahmed Fadl, Director of the Office of the President of the Authority.

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