The revolutionaries…those who follow the path of Afash Written by Ahmed Saeed Karama

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One day the fox appeared dressed as a preacher

He walks the earth leading and cursing the plot
From the Prince of Poets: Ahmed Shawqi.

Yes, the late president Afash left power and his world, leaving behind a great and heavy legacy of laws, systems and regulations that perpetuate corruption and failure in most of the various sectors of the state up to this moment, and the first of those sectors are the judiciary, which has been chained by the legislative authority.

You will not be able to prosecute or hold accountable any senior official or leader except after going through complex legal and legislative procedures which are extremely difficult and impossible (and that is what fueled corruption until it became a phenomenon and a major carnival festival). today). Among those measures that must be taken immediately are legislating the Hisbah law like other Arab countries, cancellation of immunity and introduction. A court specializes in examining such cases in Aden (the court is currently in Sana’a). to the Public Finance Prosecutor of the Central Organization for Control and Accounting are younger officials and employees, as the Messenger of God, may God bless him and give him peace, said: Those who came before you perished because they were those who stole from; them. They abandoned the honorable, and if the weak among them stole, they imposed the punishment on him. By God, if Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad, had stolen, I would have cut off her hand.

Reports and results of investigations are sent by the Central Control and Accounting Agency to the President of the Republic (currently the President of the Presidential Leadership Council) and the Prime Minister (if the judge fines you), and there those reports and investigations are kept . and the story of the rise of the corrupt and the failed continues, and they increase in savagery and savagery in their oppression, injustice and corruption (that is what is happening). today).

Therefore, we call on the House of Representatives to hold an urgent session to amend the law protecting senior officials and leaders and to lift their immunity from the Public Prosecutor (or for the Southern Transitional Council to take such a unilateral decision in the interest and stability). of the nation and the citizen), without returning to the House of Representatives, if it is proven that they are involved in corruption and looting of public money, and allow that The Central Organization for Control and Accounting can transmit the results of these investigations directly to the Public Funds Prosecution and the Special Criminal Prosecution according to the type and size of the embezzled money and the damage.

The Houthi militias in Sana’a used the tools of the late president Afash to serve their project only, and changed the laws, rules and regulations to serve their goals. Even the Sanaa Legislative Council of Representatives became one of the most important tools of the Houthi militias. in legislating laws according to the dynasty project. Here the true realistic face of the southern politicians, leaders and leaders appears that they do not They are helpless and powerless in their backyard. Nothing has changed in southern Yemen. Rather things have gotten worse. in all the various sectors, except for mirage manifestations that embody a sound phenomenon that is far from the tragic, catastrophic and miserable reality.

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