The Vivo Watch 3 smartwatch has a charge life of up to 16 days

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In the event held today in China, Vivo announced its new version of the smart watch Vivo Watch 3, which has a 16-day battery life and launches with the BlueOS interface.

The Vivo Watch 3 comes with the same distinctive design language as the company’s previous version, as it features a circular design with a stainless steel crown button at the top of the smartwatch bezel, with another button at the bottom of the right side for support. the user in navigating the smart watch interface.With other procedures.

The smart watch has a 3D curved glass and a screen size of 1.43 inches, with a screen resolution of 466 x 466 pixels. The display also comes with the “Always on” function, and the smartwatch supports water resistance up to a depth of 5. meters.

The watch also supports the user in monitoring health and fitness tasks, as it comes with a function of monitoring heart rate, measuring the percentage of oxygen in the blood SpO2, and also supports the user with alerts in the event that abnormal changes are detected in the condition of the user.

Vivo Watch 3 also supports monitoring the health of the user during sleeping hours, measuring the level of stress or tension, and also supports detecting high levels of ambient noise to protect the sense of hearing.

The Vivo Watch 3 can track the user’s performance in more than 100 sports activities, with the function of setting fitness training.

The smart watch also launches with the company’s new BlueOS operating system, which is based on a new programming language known as “Rust”, which supports NFC to act as a car key, or control the operation of the camera and other tasks.

The watch also supports storing cards for swiping with a lift of the wrist, with quick response in payment operations, and the watch also includes an eSIM chip for making calls directly from the watch.

The Vivo Watch 3 has 64 MB of memory and 4 GB of storage capacity, and can support wireless headphone connectivity. The watch also includes a 505 mAh battery for a charge life of up to 16 days. The smartwatch will be launched in Chinese. market at a price of $191 for the model with an eSIM chip, or $178 for the Bluetooth model.


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