The With You platform is launching an electronic campaign to raise awareness of digital protection and introduce the With You platform

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The With You platform launched an electronic awareness campaign through social media on digital protection for women and girls as part of the project to improve the protection of women and girls against digital violence, which is implemented by the Initiative For Her, with funding from the Generations. Sen Qat Organization for Awareness and Development.

Head of the For Her Initiative, Amatullah Abdullah, pointed out that this campaign is a youth campaign that works to raise awareness about protecting women and girls against digital violence.

She added that the campaign will work to spread awareness about digital protection for women and girls and how to protect themselves digitally, as the campaign will contribute to reducing cases of blackmail.

Noting that the phenomenon of blackmail against women and girls has increased in the recent period, which has had a negative impact on their psychological and social lives, and even on their future and security of their lives. Blackmail has pushed many girls to suicide; and running away out of fear, which has led to an increase in the rate of violence against women and girls.

The platform will work to receive cases, provide consultations, receive reports and complaints and provide advice and awareness on digital protection.

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