The Yemeni ambassador to Japan discusses in the Japanese parliament on strengthening bilateral relations and expanding support to Yemen

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Tokyo (Eden of Tomorrow) Special

Ambassador Adel bin Ali Al-Sunaini discussed today in the building of the Japanese House of Representatives in the capital Tokyo, with His Excellency Yoshimasa Hayashi, Member of the Japanese Parliament (former Minister of Foreign Affairs), ways to strengthen bilateral relations between the two friendly countries

During the meeting, Ambassador Al-Sunaini emphasized the depth of the Yemeni-Japanese relations and their distinguished history and common bilateral relations, which receive the attention and zeal of the leadership of the two friendly countries, showing the high-level cooperation and the continuous effort. to promote the multiple paths of cooperation in the parliamentary, economic, development and humanitarian fields and the tendency of Yemen to benefit from Japanese experiences in the fields of administration, reconstruction, technique and technology.

Ambassador Al-Sunaini expressed the appreciation of the Yemeni government for the support given by Japan in various fields to mitigate the effects of the humanitarian crisis, he appreciated the efforts of Japan and the efforts it is making to support the path of the comprehensive and sustainable peace process in Yemen. .

Al-Sunaini also touched on the priorities of needs and requirements to achieve economic stability and contribute to reconstruction. It is expected to raise and raise levels of support from the Japanese side in the economic and development fields, especially service fields such as electricity, water, health, education and roads.

For his part, His Excellency Yoshimasa Hayashi, a member of the House of Representatives, emphasized the strength of the bilateral relations between Japan and Yemen and the importance of continuing to provide development and humanitarian support, projects and programs to Yemen to achieve economic stability. the need to strengthen fruitful cooperation and coordination between the two friendly countries. Showing Japan’s support to the Yemeni people and to a permanent political solution. Japan wants to restore peace and end the sufferings that the Yemeni people are going through.

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