Tribal arbitration ends murder case in Sabiha

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Yesterday morning, Sunday morning, the area of ​​the Iron Factory in Sabiha, Lahj Governorate, attended a tribal arbitration conducted by the Commander of the Second Giants Brigade, Commander of the Security Campaign in Sabiha, Brigadier General Hamdi Shukri, in a murder incident committed by members of the resistance at the Iron Factory at the time in 2016, which led to the killing of Rawad Al-Samati, a young man from the Samite tribe, and the announcement of the operational rule. a case that lasted more than seven years.

Today, the iron factory, as usual, was promised to stop another case of the fighting that the morning has experienced for years. On this day, the blood guards of the victim, Rawad Ali Ahmed Manser, agreed to sign the covenant document to forgive the perpetrators who did the crime, members of the resistance that was led at the time by Sheikh Hamdi Shukri. .

That was the final announcement of the pact document and its signature by both parties, the blood guardians of the victim, the family representative, his brother Muhammad Ali Ahmed Al-Samati, and the second party, Sheikh Hamdi Shukri, on behalf of the perpetrators. of the resistance members who joined him during that period in 2016. After the signing, the two parties extended their hands to shake hands, tolerate and forgive in a brotherly spirit. Hearts hug before bodies hug.

This was in the presence of military leaders, tribal sheikhs and social figures from various regions of the south to hear the verdict on the killing of the young man Rawad Ali Ahmed Manser at the hands of members of the then resistance seven years ago, which was done according to what the Subaiha tribes did, shaking hands with them and stopping the matters of revenge between them, because this terrible step is the result of what The security and stability achieved by the security campaign has become a norm to prevent opportunities . for those who lie in wait, to stir up strife and fighting among its people and to finish outstanding matters between the tribes.

After the reading of the ruling by the philanthropist, the bearer of the banner of peace, love and harmony between the tribes, the Commander of the First Brigade, Brigadier General Abdul-Ghani Al-Sarouri welcomed those present. He confirmed that the case of the killing of the young man, Rawad Ali Ahmed Mansir Al-Samati, was due to the arrival of the tribes from the various regions of Al-Sabiha in particular, as well as the south in general, with such a large presence. welcome of the blood guards, sheikhs, celebrities, intellectuals, and members of the Samit tribe to accept the arbitration that Sheikh Hamdi Shukri initiated for them about what happened to his members is considered one of the accepted tribal customs and ancestors. case, and it is an honor and a tribute to the Samite tribe and the blood guardians by giving forgiveness and allowing the face of God to preserve the one social fabric. And those who had good faith in the success achieved in announcing and publicizing the final decision. about the case on this day.

In his speech, the deputy minister of technical education, Mr. Abd Rabbo Al-Mahwali, praised the Samitah tribe and the blood relatives for the generosity and sincerity they showed in the concession they made and the signing of the covenant and reconciliation document. also praised in his speech the man of goodness and the shepherd of peace in the region, Brigadier General Abdel-Ghani Al-Srouri, who, according to him, is always something we find. He seeks to contribute and participate with the charitable tribesmen in Sabiha in the solution. matters of revenge and fighting between tribes.

In turn, Al-Saruri praised the steps taken by Sheikh Hamdi Shukri towards his people and his family, people of the Samit tribe, considering it a huge and courageous step to acknowledge the incident and arbitrate it.

The sheikhs and military leaders present also considered the forgiveness of the Samite tribe for the killing of their son as part of the character and authenticity of the tribe, ingrained in them since time immemorial.

In turn, Hamdi Shukri thanked the blood relatives of the victim for their forgiveness and forgiveness for the sake of God, describing the Samita tribe as the most among the Subaiha tribes. Since the appearance of the security campaign, it has been able to solve the most part. of its problems and issues of revenge and extends to his sons a hand of peace and peace to all among themselves and with neighboring tribes, declaring a New era of safety, security and peaceful coexistence, as he said, with these benevolent works, she became the bearer of the banner of peace and harmony for coexistence with all without any ignorant fanaticism or disgusting racism.

This step is one of the decisive signs that the Subaiha tribes demonstrate to eliminate strife, preserving the social fabric and not allowing strife to spread between the tribes.

With this signing of the reconciliation agreement and the announcement of the covenant, the matter will be finished, and whoever commits any folly will receive his punishment before the law and will be prosecuted exclusively.

The tribal arbitration was attended by a large number of military commanders and sheikhs from various regions of the south, including the Director General of the Mudaraba Board, Murad Jubah, the Commander of the First Brigade, National Shield, Brigadier General Majdi Munadhil, Commander Salah. Al-Bakri Al-Yafei, the Commander of the Fifth Marine Brigade, Brigadier General Jalal Al-Kalouli, and a member of the local leadership council in Lahj Governorate, Sheikh Al-Malish Al-Aghbari. Sheikh Aqabi and Al-Anad Security Director Adnan Shahl, Sheikh Ali Al-Zughayr Al-Aghbari, Sheikh Ahmed Ali Khadr Al-Shubaiqi, Sheikh Saddam Al-Matrafi, Sheikh Suleiman Al-Atari, Sheikh Arsal, Sheikh Abdul-Wahid Hadra Al- Raja’i, Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad Muqbil, Sheikh Abdul-Salam Al-Maqshuri, Sheikh Nafi Abdul-Hamid, and the director of the commander’s office at the iron factory, Sheikh Abdul-Qader Al-Subaihi, and a large number of sheikhs and notables from the Samita tribe and other figures from the Sabiha tribes that I did not have enough memory to mention here.

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