Under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Foundations, Ghiras Foundation celebrates honoring 170 male and female guardians.

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Tarim (Aden of Tomorrow) special

Under the generous patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Foundations and Leadership, Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Aydah Shabibah, the Ghiras Development Foundation – Tarim held, on Friday evening, a ceremony to honor 131 memorizers and 33 who recited the Hafs story and 6. sheikhs reciting the seven recitations, with generous funding from philanthropists from the fraternal State of Kuwait and with a contribution from the Yemeni Wisdom Association in Mukalla and the Sawaed Foundation for Development.

Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Barak explained in the speech he gave to schools and memorization centers that the procession of the memorization circles, which includes the institution, includes 5 boys’ schools, 15 girls’ schools, three centers Ihsan and Al-Itqan, and the Abu Amr Center, where 600 memorizers, both male and female, graduated.

The honor ceremony included recitation of examples of students who memorized the Holy Koran, and gifts and certificates were distributed to the honored students.

The honorary ceremony was attended by the Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Affairs of the Wadi Directorates, Abdul Hadi Al-Tamimi, Sheikh Muhammad Belfas, Director of the Foundations and Leadership Office in the Valley, Sheikh Saleh Bakerman, member of the Hadhramaut Scholars Committee, Sheikh Issam Bawazir, President of the Yemeni Wisdom Association in Hadhramaut, and some officials, directors, sheikhs, social figures, and a large gathering of worshipers from different areas. Hadhramaut districts.

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