Valve suggests a launch of Steam Deck 2 in about three years

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published Valve Copy Updated of Steam Deck, Who Steam Deck OLED, Who It is characterized by to smile OLED new And age battery an improver.

And with that The this set free no in the truth successor For Steam Deck the original, but rather he promotion Simple.

And for For those Whose They are waiting successor TRUE For Steam Deck the original, It seems that it It will have to We wait During a period Two years to three Years on the least, According to For a company Valve.

In an interview with Gizmodo, statement a designer Interface private With Valve, Lawrence yang, that Company working on successor suitable For Steam Deck, but she No ready To be done Name it With Steam Deck 2 until now.

He explained Yang that it for Receives the device on Category the second, He should that He presentsmore big in the activity on level Generations“.

waiting Company at the moment that come true Developments in technology Slides before Move with Steam Deck 2.

And it is expected Yang that it in Inside Two years to three years, it will be to slide suitable available For the generation the next one of Devices the games portable.

this Resources we are no Battle on after Two years on the least of broadcasting Steam Deck 2 Real. And with that He says Yang that Valve no Still Involved With support Forms Steam Deck current, And variables OLED And LCD. And it is Plan to publish Updates Regular to improve experience the user And processing any problems stuck.


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