With Turkish funding, the Relief and Construction Forum (CRB) is launching the distribution of school bags and uniforms to 500 male and female students in Aden.

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Aden (Aden of Tomorrow) Nazir Kandah

The Relief and Construction Forum (CRB) launched this Monday morning a project to distribute school bags and uniforms to (500) male and female students from the orphan segment, under the auspices of the Director General of the Office of Social Affairs and Labor in Aden Governorate. , Dr. Muhammad Qasim is part of the project to support education in Yemen, funded by the Turkish Religious Fund.

The support included the most vulnerable groups of orphans from the first to sixth grades of Dar Saad District, Adena Governorate.

The project included providing the integrated school bag, in addition to the integrated uniform for students of both sexes.

For his part, he thanked the Director of the Department of Associations at the Office of Social Affairs and Labor in Aden, A. Issam Wadi and Director of the Education Office at Dar Saad A. Jawad Hassan and Director of the Executive Unit Branches for Displaced Camps, A. Abdo Muhtahib thanked the Relief and Construction Forum (CRB) for implementing such projects that contribute to improving the quality of the educational process in the county, appreciating the positive role played by the Turkish Religious Foundation Organization in supporting the educational sector in the country.

In turn, the Director of the Relief and Construction Forum (CRB), A. Muhammad Hadi extends his sincere thanks and appreciation to the official authorities in Aden Governorate for their cooperation and facilitation of the support process targeting orphan students from the poorest families.

It should be noted that the project includes aid to the education sector in (3) Yemeni governorates: “Taiz – Ma’rib – Aden” with (3,000) beneficiaries from the most vulnerable groups.

The inauguration was attended by the President of the “Jana” Foundation for Family Development, Mrs. Howaida Saleh and President of the “Chabek” Foundation for Development, Advocacy and Relief A. Muhammad Al-Khaiwani and Director of Human Resources at the “Nidaa” Foundation for Development and Development, A. Kholoud Al-Saadi and youth activist A. Fadi Al -Haif..

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