Aden.. Al-Firdaws Association is running a course on incense and perfume making in Al-Buraiqa

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Within the project to improve the protection of women in Yemen and livelihoods for the year 2023 AD, with funding from the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the support of INTERSOS, Al-Firdous Women’s Development Association is implementing a course on making incense and perfumes for 15. beneficiaries .The course, which will last 20 days and is considered the third course of this kind, aims to provide participants with practical skills and knowledge. Necessary to process and manufacture high-quality incense and perfume products.

During the meeting, the president of the association, Samira Nasr, said that the project to improve the protection of women in Yemen and livelihoods for the year 2023 AD works to train, qualify and empower the targeted women, economically, for the community of To. – Buraiqa District and for the category of women especially because of the specificity of the district, its geographical location, and the different needs, economically, socially, health, culturally, and awareness, in the city. And the villages, especially after the war and the negative situation it left behind in various aspects of life and the difficulty of finding job opportunities, if not non-existent. Also, the number of widows increased, as well as divorced women and those in need, and the high cost of living increased the suffering of families, especially women .

It is worth noting that the training course includes several topics in the incense and perfume industry, an introduction to the raw materials and ingredients used, mixing and distillation techniques, developing scents and blends, packaging and marketing and sales strategies.

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