Al-Amiri meets with the leadership and members of the political and media departments of the Inclusive Conference Office in the Valley and the Desert

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The Assistant Secretary General of the Hadramaut Jamia Conference and Head of the Jamia Office in the Valley and the Desert, His Eminence Judge Akram Nasib Al-Amiri, met today in the city of Seiyun, with the leadership and members of the political and media. sections of the office of the Hadramaut Jamia Conference in the Valley and the Desert.

At the meeting, Judge Al-Amiri welcomed everyone, pointing out the importance of this meeting to deal with some issues related to the mosque and the political situation at the national level in general and Hadramaut in particular.

Judge Al-Amiri pointed out that the Hadhramaut Inclusive Conference is not far from the political, social and economic conditions, but also plays a strategic role by adopting social issues with a clear and transparent vision. He also reviewed the developments in the political situation. and the positions of the Hadhramaut Inclusive Conference regarding them, indicating that the current situation in Palestine has worsened. A cloud over the situation in Yemen.

His Eminence Judge Al-Amiri reviewed the peace process in Yemen and its effects on Hadhramau, politically, militarily and economically, underlining the importance of representing Hadhramau and the issues and aspirations of its people, and that they should be translated into any future political agreement. , so as not to lead to a future stage of conflict, because the people of Hadhramaut will not accept any disobedience. For their issues and aspirations.

Judge Al-Amiri indicated that the country is coming to the edge of a new phase different from previous years, with a political agreement with all parties to end the war phase.

His Eminence Judge Al-Amiri underlined the importance of the media department in the office of the mosque playing a conscious role regarding the document and results of the Hadhramout Mosque Conference, the strategy and activity of the mosque, and mobilizing energies in serving Hadhramout by adopting . community affairs.

The meeting included extensive discussions and interventions by attendees who emphasized the importance of working as a team in serving Hadhramaut.

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