Al-Kathiri stresses the importance of having a comprehensive national vision to eradicate illiteracy

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Mr. Ali Al-Kathiri, President of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council, met today, Tuesday, with Dr. Essam Muhammad Muqbil, Director General of the Agency for Literacy and Adult Education in the capital, Aden.

During the meeting, which was attended by the Vice President of the Technical and Vocational Education Committee of the National Assembly, Mrs. Hanan Farea, Al-Kathiri was informed about the conditions of the alphabet system, which suffers from extremely difficult conditions and a number of problems which require urgent intervention to treat them.

Al-Kathiri also heard from Dr. Muqbil a brief explanation of the activities carried out by the Literacy Eradication Agency during the past period thanks to the efforts and cooperation of the local authority in the capital, Aden, and some essential, effective interventions by international organizations

The President of the National Assembly emphasized the need to have a comprehensive national vision to develop the literacy system in coordination with the Ministry of Education and relevant authorities, adopting community initiatives and awareness campaigns against the negative effects of leaving education, and emphasizing the importance. of education and its positive impact on the growth and prosperity of society.

Al-Kathiri affirmed the support of the Transitional Council, with all its bodies, commissions and competent departments, for the literacy center and the actors aimed at encouraging enrollment in schools, and providing everything that would find solutions and treatment for all causes of reluctance to education

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