Al-Saqqaf: Aden looks forward to hearing inspiring success stories and should be a destination for international conferences

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The deputy secretary of the capital, Aden, for Youth Affairs, Abdul Raouf Zain Al-Saqqaf, said that Aden must be a destination for international conferences, noting that it looks forward to hearing successful and inspiring stories.

Al-Saqqaf emphasized in his speech at the international TEDx conference this morning in Aden, on behalf of the governor of the capital, that Aden is full of distinguished competences, and that women have an important role and influential stories in Aden, pointing out that the capital leadership stands with all these successes and efforts, and the bet remains On the role of women in particular.

He thanked the organizers of the wonderful event, represented by their creative director, Heba Fahim, and explained that he heard many success stories in this important international conference that could be translated into Aden due to the support and attention given to the city. of the Minister of State and Governor of the capital, Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, in the city.

The conference was attended by Maeen Mahmoud, Deputy Minister of Local Administration, Al-Kuraihi Kanaan, Head of the Youth and Sports Department in the General Secretariat of the Transitional Council, and a number of officials and leaders.

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