An official source in the Cairo Board refutes the spread of slander, lies and false accusations

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An official source in the local authority in the Cairo District confirmed that what has been published over the past three days on social networks in relation to the Al-Zaghruri market is an important step and positive attention to issues affecting public rights… indicating that there is no person. , group or force within Taiz has the right to dispose of public property.

The source expressed his deep regret that some people are spreading false accusations, lies, abuse, slander, insults and insults against the leadership of the local authority in the district. He expressed his astonishment at some of the leaders in the county who dealt with these slanders and accusations directing unjustified criticism, forgetting the positions and achievements that exist on earth, It is clearly visible, and only an ungrateful or hateful person can deny it.

Regarding the Al-Zaghruri market for selling qat, the source confirmed that the “market” represents a basic pillar to stop traffic jams on Jamal Street, because this market will include all the qat sellers scattered in the alleys, in front of residential buildings. buildings, and along the main and secondary streets, most of which are closed. For years, preventing the movement of pedestrians and cars.

He continued, “We, in the leadership of the local authority in the Cairo District, affirm our full respect for order and law, and not to neglect public property. At the same time, we bear responsibility and honesty considering the general interest of society and keeping all public and private rights and property.”

The source concluded by emphasizing that the leadership of the local authority in the Cairo District is working to provide protection for citizens, investors, businessmen and capital against any threats or blackmail to which they may be exposed by any entities, groups or individuals, impose or pass removal decisions in the service of narrow, selfish and abominable interests.

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