Community consultation meeting discussing the needs of fishermen in Shaqra, funded by the Pure Hands Community Organization

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It was discussed a meeting held yesterday, Tuesday, November 14, 2023, at the headquarters of the Future Fishing Association in the area of ​​Shaqra, Abyan, which included the Director of the General Authority for Fishing, Abyan Branch, Mr. Sadiq Hamama, and the General Director of Ports and Fish Landing Centers at the General Authority for Fisheries in the Gulf of Aden, Engineer/ Muqayd Abdullah Muftah, and Professor/ Adnan Hadi Nasser, the financial officer in the General Fishing Union of the South and the General Secretary of the Future Fish Association in Shaqra, and representatives of the fish associations in the coastal city, and Mr. Saleh Mahdi and Engineer Abdul Majeed Al-Bashiri, representatives of the financial partner of the Clean Hands organization working in the humanitarian field ( community projects). + livelihoods) and financing For economic empowerment for fishermen

In the meeting, the field project officer of the PureHands organization, Mr. Saleh Mahdi, for the first time reviewed the programs and activities of the project and the reason for the team’s descent to the region, which aims to provide (an economic empowerment subsidy for fishermen. giving them boats and engines in support of a segment of some fishermen whose boats were damaged during the period of previous wars, which helps them Provide decent means of living by the sweat of their brows instead of being drawn into other things in light of the difficult living conditions that the country survives.

During the meeting, a number of different opinions were presented to the Clean Hands Organization team by the attendees regarding the mechanism to prepare a report, which includes the formation of a community committee of former members who were previously selected by Sheikh/Hussein Al-Hazil , the director. of the region. They will have the recommendation of the community to decide on all issues, and its work revolves around an inventory of those affected in all the fishing association centers in Shaqra and submitting final statements to the investigation committee of the organization.

During the meeting, some conditions were presented by the field officer of the organization, Mr. Saleh Mahdi, which must be fulfilled by the person applying to obtain the economic empowerment grant for fishermen, which included being a fisherman and owning a boat that was owned and damaged. due to damage or war. He also has proof of his ownership of the boat, personal identity with its national number, and a license to practice fishing as a fishing boat. Fish from the Coast Guard or the Fisheries Authority and continues to fish. activity. The conditions also include choosing a member from each family and not receiving a previous subsidy and having the ability to contribute to bringing hooks, nets and fishing tools and attending the training course that the organization will hold on safety. Safety, conservation of fish. product quality, and engine maintenance

For his part, Mr. Adnan Hadi, in a speech concluding the consultation meeting on behalf of those present, thanked the efforts of the Clean Hands Organization and its urgent interventions to support the affected fishermen in the coastal city. He emphasized the importance of implementing such projects that will have a positive and effective impact on the people of the region in the fishing sector. Instructing the contribution to facilitate the work of the organization PureHands, which aims to provide service to the community, specifically meeting the needs of fishermen

Attend the meeting
Brother/ Abdul Karim Al-Maqlab, President of the Future Fish Association
And Brother/ Abdullah Al-Dukhan/ President of the Thousand Fish Association
And brother/Ahmed Saleh Al-Mawadhi, representative of the Shaqra Fish Association, and brother/Saeed Nasser Abdullah

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