Consider then, O people of understanding!!!| Dr. wrote. Awad Ahmed Al-Alqami

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Perhaps those who follow the events of the aftermath of the Al-Aqsa Flood Battle, which took place between the Zionist enemy and its Western supporters on the one hand, and the loyal factions of the Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance in Gaza, will find themselves. in the face of a malicious game that the Zionists have been playing since last October 7, and even since the day of the Camp David Accords. The most important chapter of this game is to neutralize other resistance factions of the battle, such as: the Islamic Resistance in the West Bank, Jerusalem, the Arabs of 1948, and southern Lebanon, assuring them – sometimes by intimidation and other times by appeal. – that his problem lies in facing the Qassam Brigades only in Gaza, while the rest The Islamic resistance factions, as well as the Arab and Islamic countries, have no problem with them.

The truth is that if the Zionists can eliminate the Mujahideen rebel factions in Gaza, they will immediately eliminate the Islamic resistance in southern Lebanon, and they will monopolize the resistance factions one by one. They will not stop there, but rather they will go after that to devour and devour the Arab countries, one after the other. The map of Israel is important; It includes all of Lebanon, two-thirds of Syria, two-thirds of Iraq, all of Jordan, Egypt’s Sinai and one-third of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. When will the Arabs wake up from their slumber and realize the evil. plans of their enemy?

Gentlemen, the Zionist enemy is unique today in Gaza, which fights – with all courage – on behalf of the nation. We find the crusaders, led by the Great Satan, America, supporting the Zionist enemy with all their might, and blessing its abominable massacres of our brothers in Gaza, which are unprecedented in the history of human wars. And what is worse is that we should find those who bless that action or criticize it timidly from Arab and Muslim countries, as if they had made a mistake. The resistance factions in Gaza defend them and defend their dignity and even their survival, so to speak. They do not know that Gaza today reminds us of the white bull that was abandoned by its comrades, and they even supported it to eat from that reprehensible monster, thinking that they will be saved from the oppression and barbarism of that sick, hateful monster. who tore that bull to pieces, and whose blood was scattered before their eyes and with their blessing. But it is too difficult to stop that barbaric monster. Having finished his project, he turned to his companions and ate them one by one, until he had finished them all, for none of them remained. Consider then, O people of understanding!!!

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