Dr. Hoda Badib: We are working to confront the cholera epidemic before it spreads, and the solution requires skills and awareness.

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Due to the current circumstances witnessed by the capital Aden, which daily increase the size of the financial and living burdens and great difficulty in the means of comfortable living, the citizens of the capital experience a state of anxiety and anticipation for the heavy guest coming from the jungles of East Africa, namely the cholera epidemic. This caused panic among citizens, and they were confused about the new disaster and how to deal with it. In the midst of this suffering, the relevant authorities and the Ministry of Health were called to provide the vaccine immediately in the hospitals of the capital, Aden, in its eight districts, in addition to international organizations to intervene decisively and provide support to the hospitals. Therefore, we quickly moved to the Office of Health and Population of Sheikh Othman Directorate and spoke with Dr. Hoda Badib, Director of the Office, who graciously shed light on the quick measures to limit the spread of this epidemic.

At the beginning of her speech, she thanked Dr. Wissam Muawiyah, Director of the Directorate, for giving them absolute freedom and confidence in what they are doing to move quickly and take the necessary measures to limit the spread of the epidemic. She also thanked. the General Secretary of the Local Council, Mr. Sellal Al-Sayyed, and Mr. Anwar Al-Mihdhar, Director of the Education Office in the Directorate, in collaboration and coordination with the Health Office, by Giving directions to all schools for awareness. -raising of work among schoolchildren.
Through her speech, Dr. Hoda Badib indicated that they are facing the cholera epidemic before it spreads, and the solution requires joint skills and community awareness between health, education, endowments and community committees.

At the level of health centers, Dr. Badib explained that these centers receive cases of acute diarrhea, not cholera, because a shelter has been opened to receive them and give them proper treatment. As for suspected cases of cholera, a quarantine was opened for them in Al-Sadaqa Hospital, and the hospital administration provided the space and medicines. As for the cases that were infected, all of them were African “Arma” immigrants, and no cases have been received by the host community so far.

Dr. Hoda Badib concluded with the need to take decisive steps to limit the spread of the epidemic by limiting the movement of these Africans, displacing them to a place isolated from the host community, and not allowing them to mix with them. she emphasized the need to fight houseflies that transmit the disease and maintain personal and public hygiene.

*By Khaled Mabrouk Ghalib

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