Everyone sees people through their eyes..!| Written by Shifa Saeed Bahmish

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I contemplated this saying for a long time and found a measure of truth in every letter of it. Contemplating it for a long time, I was sure of its true meaning, which on the one hand contains beauty, and on the other hand it. contains ugliness and negativity.

Everything is relative in our life. Nothing is perfect except that some people insist on always looking at the negative, ugly thing…at a time when we should all strive to beautify things so that we can create for ourselves and those around us. a life from nothing…in light of an unstable and miserable situation. As conscious personalities who have a role in society, we must be aware that with everything we aim to do, God will see us and because of our words we will be held. responsible before God. After that, we will not have a way out of any letter that we have written and any topic that we have discussed, without intimately knowing the truth.

The crisis situation is disturbing for the soul due to the throwing of accusations at random. This is one of the dangerous behaviors that can lead to terrible consequences for souls whose condition no one knows except God. It can lead to harm to others, and the effects. of these actions can achieve destruction, and the one who causes this destruction is far from the real reality.

Unfortunately, if we look carefully, we will find that there are many reasons that push some people to dismiss accusations out of hand. Some of them may be motivated by hatred, jealousy or revenge. Others may seek fame or profit, and some. have lost their interests. There are also those who do this simply because they do not know the difference between truth and lies. They do not know that life and some in it can be good if we want it to be, and because in their look at life and everyone in it is nothing and they are the only righteous, forgetting that they are God’s creation.

Whatever the reasons, sending accusations indiscriminately and airing what has been reported is irresponsible and inappropriate behavior because it has become common and harmful to the individual and to society as a whole. Throwing accusations indiscriminately at the individual level can lead to destruction of life of the targeted person. That person can lose his job, his home, or his relations with the irkauls. And he sighed for his life… On the social level, throwing accusations casually can lead to spreading hatred and fear between people and loss of trust in each other, and may make it difficult for them to work together. That thing we are experiencing is destructive behavior for society, destabilizes relationships, delays, and perhaps stops the wheel of development in general.

That is why it is important to be aware of the dangers of this behavior. Before we accuse a person, entity or group of something, we must make sure that there is evidence of the validity of our accusation, and the best evidence is not documents. , only documents, and go directly to verify what has reached us before making unfair generalizations.

We hope that we will be a civilized society, and instead of attacking others, we will take good steps to achieve it. Rather, we must support the people who are subject to accusations and be their leaders. With them, we will achieve correction, and this will strengthen in us the activation of social responsibility and our dealings with transparency.

Let us not forget that before holding others accountable and throwing accusations and accusations, we are human beings like them and the most useful thing for a person to worry about evaluating himself more than evaluating others It is important that we look at the reality around us and the complexities and obstacles in it and put ourselves in the place of others.

Let’s support each other, and through all our cooperation, we will contribute to a fairer and safer society.

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