Google reportedly pays Apple 36 percent of its search ad revenue from Safari

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you pay Google For a company Camel 36 percentage of All in all Revenues Advertisements that Take a look when stand up a person what Search on Google using Browser Safari of Camel.

And I mentioned Bloomberg that the number the number that He was of Assumed that It remains secretly, statement about him Kevin murphy, Mr Economy At the University Chicago, while His testimony On behalf of on company Alphabet in an attempt Company The current one Before Ministry justice in washington day monday.

And he pours this the number, the number More of the light on Relationship between Two of Bigger Companies Technology in the world, Who I submitted to check Battle Monopoly in the years The few past.

She accused Ministry justice Google using Its resources The enormous To keep on Its dominion on market of while paying For companies to like camel, that Includes Her devices iPhone And an iPad And Mac Billions Users In a sense collective, to be engine to search By default on Safari.

In general 2021, rose that Google paid For a company Camelaround 18 one billion a dollarto be engine to search By default in Browser safari, According to statement a report For a newspaper New York times.

She pointed out Bloomberg to that my company Google hail excited in the week the past Objections on to publish details Their agreement in public. she said Google that to publish More of the details in publicof Like him that undermines In a sense no reasonable status Google Competitiveness While Take a look With everyone of Competitors And the parties the interview The other onein Process Judicial.

no of The obvious amount Revenues Advertisements that Take a look Google of Browser Safari, But of security assumption that 36% of this the number, the number of Probably that It arrives to dozens Billions of Dollars.

And in general 2022, to reach All in all Revenues Google 279.8 one billion dollar, And he came most of it of Advertisements.


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