How does rebellion overcome positions and evidence? Written by Muhammad Nasser Al-Aqel

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God Almighty said in His Noble Book (Did not men think that they would be left alone to say, “We believe,” while they were not tested? And We had already tested those before them. So that they may know those who are truthful). and let them know those who are liars.) The verse showed that the trials and temptations that occur in the ranks and the Muslim community separate the ranks and reveal the secrets of the breasts.
If there were no temptations and trials, people would remain in a state where one does not know a believer from a hypocrite, nor an honest person from a liar, nor a patient person from one who is alarmed. And temptation, when it happens. , must fulfill its legitimate purpose, revealing what was hidden and revealing what was a hidden secret.
In light of the ongoing war in Palestine in general and Gaza in particular between Hamas and the resistance factions on the one hand and Israel on the other, there seemed to be someone speaking out against the rebels and denouncing their jihad in the name of religion. It was a strange position, and its speaker did not notice the strangeness of his position and the abnormality of his behavior! I saw that the motives for that position were one of the things that remained hidden until it was exposed by the temptation that the Qur’an spoke of and that was revealed by the occurrence of the tribulation. The temptation of this group is that the testimony of the sincerity of faith was won by the rebels, especially when they fought against the Jews, and there is no suspicion of fighting the Jews in the land of Palestine.
The other thing is scientific, that is, the balance was tilted from the scientific point of view for the people of jihad, so they added to the sincerity of the faith by gaining the superiority of the evidence, and it became clear that the cries of people in defense of the Jews is also a defense of their position, which was revealed, because it is the cries of the sufferer who is afraid because of what is in his hands for fear that rebellion will lead to He lost his position and lost. his future

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