Lying to organizations is not allowed for you M wrote. Hani Mohsen Ali

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Everyone in the targeted areas must be aware that lying to organizations is deadly and is not considered smart or permissible
It is observed when supporting bodies, such as organizations and institutions, intervene to implement any project that supports the targeted community.
The supporter starts coordinating with the responsible authorities to conduct field surveys using two scanners to register the eligible beneficiaries and question them using the scanner.
Unfortunately, a lack of credibility is observed on the part of the majority of the beneficiaries when they are interviewed and questioned to fill in their information in the forms. They resort to the language of lies and shadowing, which according to them is intelligence that allows them to obtain support even if it is not deserved, because the supporter is an organization.
Having forgotten the Hadith of the Messenger, may God bless him and give him peace, about honesty that he said
((Seek honesty, and if you see destruction in it, then there is salvation, and avoid lying, and if you see salvation in it, then there is destruction))
They do not know that they are responsible for the data taken from them and recorded in the forms
This data is submitted to the supporting party so that this data can be analyzed and the necessary needs of the beneficiary can be determined. Therefore, the information must be correct in all honesty, so that each individual receives what he deserves, so that he does not be deprived of it for shadowing and perpetual lying.
Therefore, we hope that the message will reach those who care, including the heads of community committees and reasonable people in all the targeted areas, and that the community will be made aware through awareness meetings, in public councils or through mosque preachers, so that they can to achieve the truth in his words, because lying is not one of the characteristics of a Muslim and is not permissible for organizations.

*M/ Hani Mohsen Ali*

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