Minister Salem Ben Brik is an ambassador of humility and humanity!!| Written by Saeed Al-Husseini

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Perhaps the general public of our people, in the recent past and the present, has become accustomed, through the succession of ministers, to occupying the portfolio of the Ministry of Finance, if they have not seen and heard of the manifestations of extravagance that appear on every finance minister and his entourage equally in the general office of the Ministry or in his post, to the extent that the majority of the public places them at the top of the list of corrupt people in all social councils and cafes, without distinguishing between those , who succeeded them recently….

To be just and not unjust, we must give each person what he deserves, without falsifying it by saying what he does not have. From this point of view, there are only two ministers who have recently taken successive positions in the portfolio of the Ministry of Finance. We have not seen or heard any mention of any extravagance from them, and we attest to their integrity in word and deed.

The first of them is His Excellency the former Minister of Finance, Mr. Ahmed Obaid Al-Fadhli, and the second is His Excellency the current Minister of Finance, Mr. Salem Saleh Bin Brik, who do not own their own homes in the interim. political capital, Aden, or outside the country.

In my opinion, if the description is permissible, His Excellency Minister Salem Bin Brik can be described as an ambassador of humility and humanity, and a first-class statesman, because he has a strong personality and leadership charisma, honorable and sincere in the assumption of the responsibilities entrusted to him with total integrity, without favoritism or favouritism, and he appreciates and values ​​competent financial frameworks and works to empower them in the most important vital facilities.

Whoever does not know about the noble morals, integrity, humility and humanity of this man, know that his actions testify about him before his words, and my testimony in him is injured by what I witnessed from him in the office of his ministry, and in his position of humility, humanity and financial authority, with which no one is wronged. He deserves to hold the highest ranks of supreme authority, if there is one. Insaka and differentiation will be at the top of the list of those qualified. to lead the government, and I am sure it will make a difference from the previous ones.

This accompanying photo, which was taken this afternoon, confirms the status of this minister and his humanity among society…

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