Mr. Muhammad Salem Ahmed Al-Shakliyya to “Aden Al-Ghad”: The educational process is going well, and there is a noticeable improvement in all technical and professional institutes!!

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Meeting with Mushtaq Abdul Razzaq
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The Director General of the Office of Technical Education and Vocational Training in Aden, Mr. Muhammad, explained
Salem Ahmed Al-Shakliyya, that (technical education and vocational training constitute a pillar of the education system, therefore technical education has been entrusted with preparing the skilled workforce necessary to serve the economic and social development plans and programs of Yemen).
This came in the context of short statements to “Aden Al-Ghad”, and he added: (A few days ago, we discussed in a meeting in the capital, Aden, with the deputy minister of higher, technical and professional education and professional education and professional). Training, and in the presence of the Secretary General of the Yemeni National Commission for Education, Culture and Science at UNESCO, Dr. Hafidha Al-Sheikh, and the Director General of Public Relations. And the media at the Ministry of Technical Education, S Mr. Aidaroos Muhammad Thabet, we discussed with the expert on technical and professional higher education programs at the International Educational and Cultural Organization at UNESCO, the initial needs of technical education and preparation for the project to develop the skills of the national modernization plan for technical education and professional training in Yemen, in addition to the need to work to develop the educational process. And training for the technical and professional education system in various Yemeni governorates, which contributes to strengthening society with qualified results within modern standards that keep pace with the needs of the labor market).
He continued: We also made a field visit to
The Marine Technical Institute, located on the Workers’ Island in the Khormaksar District, began accepting students and scholars in all its departments, where graduates obtain technical diploma certificates. We also visited the Professional Training Institute in the Fukum area of ​​the Buraiqa District. , and discussed with the Director of the Institute, Mr. Ahmed Omar, All developments, with regard to opening new departments, and interest in developing and expanding the specific specialties of the Institute).
He continued: We reviewed the reports of the technical and administrative committees that we commissioned to go to the technical and professional institutes to see how the educational and training process is progressing, the extent of the presence of the educational staff and their commitment to implementing study plans according to the calendar and ministerial plans, and the extent of the attendance of students to lectures according to the approved study schedules, without mentioning the assessment of the extent of the presence Administrative staff and activation of the tasks of department heads, according to the tasks. and tasks assigned to them.
“Formal” concluded his statements by saying:
In fact, the educational process is going well, and there is a noticeable improvement and development in all institutes, compared to previous years, in terms of preparation and equipment, the presence of the dean, staff and students alike, the commitment of teachers and trainers. to their daily lectures, and the activation of the use of statements and records for administrative and educational processes.

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