O martyrs of Palestine, your steadfastness expresses the will for freedom Written by Muhammad Al-Anbari

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O martyrs of Palestine, you embodied honor and firmness in every piece of land that bears the trace of your pure blood. You are a symbol of truth, pride and freedom. Your elusive blood becomes a light that illuminates the sky of Palestine, and remains immortal in the memory of history.

You, martyrs of Palestine, represent the sacrifices and heroism of generations. The land of Palestine bears witness to your greatness, strength and determination. You are a symbol of glory and pride, and you will remain in our hearts and minds forever.

Our hearts burned and our eyes shook from the weight of your martyrdom. Our ankles burned and our ribs shook. The voices of the world called for a pause to prevent further destruction and killing, but deaf ears ignored the calls for reason and peace.

May God bless you, martyrs. Glory and peace be upon your pure souls. We remember the words of the poet Abu Al-Tayeb Al-Mutanabbi:

“Eternity threw me hardships until…

My heart is covered with arrows

And I wept when I was hit by arrows

“It was broken so we could get to the blades.”

We, our loved ones, can only pray for you that God will make you among those who are patient in this suffering. No one will be able to achieve peace and stability except by realizing your right to your holy land. Let us continue the struggle and steadfastness until Palestine returns to his people with their full rights.

Let the banner of truth and freedom remain raised, and the light of our heroic martyrs in the sky of Palestine will not be extinguished, so let us continue the struggle and steadfastness, until the dawn of freedom and justice shines in our holy land.

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