Removal of informal buildings at the site of sewage sedimentation basins in Ataq

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Under the directives of Brother Awad Muhammad bin Al-Wazir, Governor of Shabwa Governorate and President of the Local Council, the Public Works Office and the Land Authority carried out today a campaign to remove buildings and sew random carpets in the place designated for sewage sedimentation. basins

The directives of Governor Bin Al-Wazir came based on the report of the competent committee in charge of reviewing the land allocated for sewage sedimentation basins located in the north of the city of Ataq, Jewar Al-Sawda, with an area estimated at 1 million square meters

The campaign carried out today by the Public Works Office and the Governorate Land Authority removed all buildings and random developments in the specified location, and then filled the area with dirt.

The directives of Governor Bin Al-Wazir come in the framework of the directives of the local authority to preserve public property and eliminate encroachments and random expansion, stressing at the same time that the necessary legal measures will be taken against those who try to violate or invade public and private . interests in the county.

Some citizens expressed their satisfaction with the measures taken by the competent authorities to stop the process of interventions and random expansion of public interests, expressing their appreciation to Governor Bin Al-Wazir for his interest and strict directives to preserve the interests of the governorate. and its people.

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