Rodrigo: I will sign with Mbappe… and I gave up my wish because of Ancelotti

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Rodrigo Goes, the star of Real Madrid, has confirmed that his complete faith in the abilities of the Italian Carlo Ancelotti, the Merengue coach, makes him accept to play in the position of a direct striker.

Rodrigo said, in statements highlighted by the Spanish newspaper AS: “The coach knows that I don’t like to play as a striker, but I do it for the team and also for him because I believe in him. He notices that and there are no problems between us.”

Rodrigo answered the question: “Did Ancelotti say something to you, because of your statement that you don’t like to play in the striker position?”, saying: “Sometimes we say one thing and another thing appears. It’s a bit complicated.”

He continued: “Ancelotti is a very important person for me. At the beginning of this season, when things were not going well, he always helped me, and for that I thank him.”

The Brazilian star added: “I can’t determine how many goals I will score, and I never talk about it because it doesn’t bring me luck.”

When asked: “Who will score more goals, Vinicius or Bellingham?”, he replied: “I won’t say that either. Because it doesn’t bring me luck, I don’t want them to have bad luck.”

Regarding Real Madrid’s need to sign Mbappe, Rodrigo said: “I don’t know… You should ask the coach or the president about that.”

However, the journalist specifically asked him: “What would you do if you were the president? Will you bring him or not to Real Madrid?” He answered decisively: “Of course I will sign him. But it is not just about Mbappe. He is a special player and we want to play with the best.” Players in the team.

The journalist ended by asking: “If you were president of Real Madrid and you could only sign one player, who would you sign… Haaland or Mbappe?” Rodrigo answered: “I don’t know… it’s very difficult. .”

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