Satellite images reveal a health disaster in Aden

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Recent satellite images have revealed ongoing oil leaks from abandoned tankers in the port of Aden.

Wim Zweigenberg, head of the Humanitarian Disarmament Project at the Dutch organization for Peace and the End of Armed Violence (PAX), announced: “Despite ongoing attempts to deal with abandoned oil tankers in the port of Aden, southern Yemen, there are continuous oil spills visible from rusty ships. anchored in the harbor.” “.

He said in a series of tweets on his account on the platform “X” that the images published by the engine “Sentinel Hub”, specialized in processing satellite data, showed the presence of some spills again last September.

Zwiegenberg emphasized that several small oil spills have appeared in recent months in the port, but “a larger leak in heavy fuel oil or crude oil was seen in satellite images in June 2023, coming from one of the anchored tankers.”

He pointed out that the source of these spills was the tanker (SICHEM PENOL), which he said “already started leaking oil at the beginning of May 2023, with the large leak moving to the beaches located in the northwest of the port, and continuing to . expands in June of the same year.”

Zweigenberg warned that if the authorities do not take any action to remove the rusty ships anchored in the port of Aden, it is only a matter of time before a new disaster occurs on the Yemeni coast.

The Dutch organization PAX previously published an extensive investigation at the beginning of August last year 2022, in which it revealed the occurrence of numerous oil spills from rusty tankers anchored in the port of Aden, and warned about the consequences of this on the environment in the environment. coastal areas around the port, and the threats that may affect communities. Coastal fishing and import operations of goods and humanitarian aid that are urgently needed as a result of the worsening humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Despite ongoing attempts to deal with derelict oil tankers in the Port of Aden, #Yementhere are ongoing oil spills visible on the rusting ships, seen here again on @sentinel_hub pictures from september

For background read our 2022 @paxforpeace blog

– Wim Zwijnenburg (@wammez) November 13, 2023

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