School – Gaza! (prose)

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Words: Hussein Al-Sulaimani Al-Hanashi

Gaza school,
It has lessons
And wisdom.
We knew from her,
That the Security Council,
And international law,
ink on paper,
And human rights are a joke!
We took lessons
That the world is blind
did not see
children of Gaza,
And the defect is not
With his eyes
but rather
Disease in his heart.
Gaza taught us:
That the right is taken away,
And he doesn’t beg
in Gaza
Respect the blessings,
Where a drink of water becomes a dream, fresh bread becomes an achievement, and bathing is a luxury.
And the house
Even if it falls
On its inhabitants.
From smoke
They pledge allegiance unto death,
Their voice breaks hearts
They sing: “God is our Lord.”
And no money to you.

Behind them are their mothers
They offer their children,
Patient and calculating women,
Their answer is: O God, take some of the blood of our children, until you are satisfied!

Children grew up
too early,
They reached the level of men before their peers.
They collect the remains of their loved ones and praise their Lord.
Wiping their tears with one hand,
And they carry weapons in the other hand, their faith filled their hearts and overflowed their limbs!
And everyone in our world
The dull
He likes to study
In Gaza!!
Or visit
Or listen
From her heroes
Amazing stories…
Here it is:
Gaza school!!

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