Sheikh Abdul Qawi Sharif sponsors the signing of an amnesty for a tribal rebellion after the success of the mediation he led for days

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The Governor of Sana’a Governorate, Sheikh / Abdul-Qawi Sharif, sponsored the signing of the document of forgiveness and renunciation of the blood of the murdered person / Muhammad Ali Ahmed Mawadah, which was signed by his brothers, the children of the late Sheikh/Ali Ahmed Mawadah, on behalf of the murderer/Saleh Muhammad Al-Amash, after persistent and continuous efforts for six days led by Sheikh/Abdul-Qawi Sharif,,, and with him many Sheikhs of Bani Dhabyan, Murad, Ubaida , Jahm, Khawlan, and Al-Jadaan..

These efforts came in conjunction with the same parallel efforts carried out by a tribal mediation committee within Bani Dhabyan, led by Sheikh Ali Muqbil Saada and Sheikh Abdullah Ali Al-Aznam in Masaken Al-Mawada, in coordination and cooperation between the two mediators in Marib. and Bani Dhabyan (as the family Awliya al-Blood is part of it in Marib and part In the land of Bani Dhabyan).

The efforts resulted in forgiveness and concession of the blood guardians for the sake of God, then to the mediation present and the apparatus of the late Sheikh/Ahmed Abbad Sharif.

Sheikh Abdul-Qawi Sharif, Governor of Sanaa Governorate, praised the forgiveness made by the children of Sheikh Ali Moawadah, seeking the face and mercy of God for their father and brother. He thanked the efforts of the participants in mediation and charity, whether in Marib or within Bani Dhabyan.

Sharif said that this unity, cohesion and coordination in charity confirms the authenticity of the Yemeni tribe and its cooperation in everything that is good for society…

For its part, the mediation extended its thanks to the Moawadah family for this noble attitude of forgiving the murderer of his brother for the sake of God Almighty, and they praised the successful efforts led by Sheikh Abdel-Qawi Sharif in this great humanitarian attitude, which were crowned with success despite the complexity of the case that remained unsolved for more than four years. .

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