The death of a prisoner in Houthi prisons in Sanaa

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Consequences.

A captive soldier in the government forces died inside a prison of the Houthi terrorist militia in Sanaa, under mysterious circumstances.

Human rights sources said that the captured soldier, “Mohamed Ahmed Wahban”, died inside a prison controlled by the militia, with the possibility that he would be tortured and executed by hanging inside the prison.

The sources explained that “Wahban”, who is from the Al-Madan District in Amran, was captured in the Mas camp in Ma’rib by the militia in mid-November 2020, and then the Houthi militia gave a death sentence against him on accusations of what it called aiding “aggression” – in reference to the legitimate government.

The sources pointed out that the militia tried to avoid the crime, claiming that the prisoner’s death was natural, informing his grandfather to come to receive his body from the military hospital in Sana’a.

Human rights sources questioned the report of the militia, suggesting that the captured soldier died as a result of torture and execution by hanging, demanding the opening of a transparent and independent investigation into the incident.

Human rights organizations have previously documented the death of dozens of prisoners and abductees in the prisons of the terrorist Houthi militia as a result of brutal torture.

This crime comes as an extension of the torture crimes witnessed in the prisons of the terrorist Houthi militia, because the Ministry of Human Rights has monitored more than (350) cases of killing under torture out of a total of (1,635) cases that have been submitted. torture in the prisons of the Houthi militia, during the years of the coup, amid the continuing state of impunity. What the country has been witnessing since the beginning of the war, and the failure of the international community to do its part in relation to these crimes.

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