The Director General of Lahj Media invites the county’s media professionals to interact with the campaign for the first national “coffee exhibition”

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The General Director of the Information Office in Lahj Governorate, Mr. Saadan Al-Yafei, called on all the media of Lahj Governorate and the South to have excellent media and serious interaction with the campaign of the First National Coffee Aden Exhibition 2023, which is being held by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and implemented by the Yafea Foundation for Development, which will be at the beginning of next month as a historical exhibition that the southern counties have not attended before. As the first exhibition to promote national coffee. .

Al-Yafei said in his call that there is an extensive media campaign to mobilize public energies to develop community awareness about coffee care, in addition to targeting farmers, encouraging and supporting them, as well as the competent authorities in the ministry and organizations to pay attention to such an important tree as a national economic resource for the next stage.

Al-Yafei emphasized that all the media in the governorate and the south direct public opinion to attention to this important tree, the coffee, as an alternative to the Qat tree, which is uprooted, and replace it with this useful one. tree in the future and benefit from it as an economic resource.

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