The Director General of Zanzibar reviews the process of completing the construction of the wall of Al-Ansar Amodia School

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After the process of rebuilding the wall of the Al-Ansar school in the Amoudiyah area was completed under the immediate leadership of the Director General of the Zanzibar Directorate, Sheikh Shaye Al-Dahuri, this morning, Sheikh Al-Dahuri reviewed what was accomplished in building the fence of Al-Ansar School in Amoudiyah, which was financed by the magistrate in the district.

Al-Dahori expressed his deep gratitude and great thanks to the party that perfectly completed the process of rebuilding the leaning wall according to the specifications in the documents.

The demolition and reconstruction process took place in a short period at the expense of the local authority after the immediate direction of the General Director of the Board, Sheikh Shaye Al-Dahouri, due to his zeal to guarantee the rights of students by providing a safe. educational environment.

The citizens extended their greatest thanks and appreciation to the Director General of the Directorate, Sheikh Shaye Al-Dahhouri, for his immediate response to the report on the bending of the school wall and the danger it posed to the lives of the students, and in addition to his quick intervention to complete the demolition and reconstruction process, which did not last a few days.

The Director of Education in Zanzibar, Mr. Nader Ahmed, also thanked Al-Dahouri for his great attention to end the dangerous situation created by Milan Wall of the Al-Ansar School, thus proving his value in the tasks entrusted to him as an official which deserves praise for the speed of response and implementation.

*By Hassan Salem

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