The February team wins the third annual Spring Championship Cup in Al-Mahfad

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Al-Mahfad (Aden of tomorrow) special.

In the presence of the Director General of Al-Mahfad Directorate, Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Haidara, together with the Director of the Organizational Department, Mr. Saleh Nasser Al-Haddad, the President of the Al-Mahfad Sports Club, S Mr. Khaled Abdullah Bahaqina, and the Director of Al-Thabat Group, Mr. Salman Abd Rabbuh Hassan, the third annual Spring League, which was held under the auspices of Al-Thabat Group and under the supervision of Al-Mahfad Sports Club, ended today , Tuesday. , for the teams Popularity in the district.

The grand final match brought together the February and Shalal teams amid a large crowd present at the Martyr Mehdi Saeed Labraq Stadium in the district center.

The first half of the match witnessed a competitive and exciting match from the start on both sides as the Shallal team won a penalty which player Mohamed Swihar took which the player converted to the February net in the first minutes of the half announcing the goal for his team to advance.

In the twelfth minute of the half, the February team received a penalty kick given by the match referee after a handball inside the penalty area of ​​the Shallal team, which was given to the February player, “Al-Tahs”, who missed it in the middle of the grief. of the players and fans of the February team. The first half ended with the Shallal team leading with a goal without reply.

In the events of the second half, the February team entered determined to do something in this half, and its players launched a strong attack on the goal of their counterpart, Shalal, where they received a second penalty in the tenth minute of the second. half, and striker Mohammed Al-Shaiba stepped forward to score the equalizer for his team, and the February stands lit up with him, chanting: Cheers and chants of joy when the equalizer was scored.

The match continued as a debate continued between the two teams, and the enthusiasm of the match intensified until the February team had the opportunity for a second goal, and from a cross, player Abdul Rahman Maqroum rose to it with a powerful title that he won against Shallal. in the last minutes of the second half, announcing the second goal and victory for his team.

Just a few moments later, the match referee blew his whistle, declaring the end of the match, with the February team defeating their counterpart, Shalal, by a score of two goals to one. With this victory, Brigadier General February was crowned with the third annual Spring Championship Cup.

After the match, the director general of the Directorate, Mr. Ahmed Haidara, handed over the championship cup to the February team and the runner-up cup to the Shalal team.

Awards and certificates were also given to the participating teams, referees, sports figures and media professionals, while the best goalkeeper, player, scorer and all participating teams were honoured.

Attended the match:
Member of the Local Council, Mr. Ahmed Muhammad Fadour, Director of the Health Office in the Directorate, Dr. Abdullah Ali Jaira, Director of Criminal Investigation, Brother Nasser Ali Badr, Member of the Administration of the Civil Council in the Direction, Brother Muhammad Saeed Al-Sulaia, Director of the Political Administration of the Al-Mahfad Transitional District, Mr. Haidara Abdullah Qarda, and Director of the Youth and Sports Administration of the Al-Mahfad Transitional District, Mr. Muammar Ahmed Mihdhar, social figures Anis Nasser Ahmed Al-Mana’i, Talib Saleh Al-Mana’i, the director of the General Director, Mr. Awad Abd Rabbuh Lama’, the organizing committee of the league, and the media.

By * Saleh Laour

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