The first tDCS conference for women in Aden Governorate

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Aden ((Aden of Tomorrow)) Ashjan Al-Maqtari

On Monday, November 13, 2023, the city of Aden hosted the first TEDx Conference for Women, which took place in the city of Aden.

This important international conference took place in Aden under the generous patronage of His Excellency the Minister of State and Governor of Aden Governorate, Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, and was organized by a creative team led by Mrs. Heba Fahim Haider, and her foundation, “Global Shapers Aden.”

This outstanding event attracted many participants and a distinguished and honorable presence.

Regarding this first quality event in Aden, Mrs. Heba Fahim Haider, who is the main organizer of the event and holder of the international license of the TED organization, told us: This is considered a new challenge added to my achievements in organizing and administration. international conferences and obtain their international permits.

My work was characterized by a sophisticated and precise organization and by showing the amazing talents and skills of the sons and daughters of Aden. I have a deep vision of what can create wonder, because of my long experience in organization and my passion for it. I can distinguish the strengths in people and their talents, and I tend to guide them, train them and convince them of ideas that maybe… They see it as new to them. For example, for the first time, I presented the idea of ​​the interactive oriental takht, so that the public becomes the interpreter of the songs of the beautiful era, and the musical band is limited to only four musicians. The result was impressive, just as I had drawn it in my imagination. Likewise, for example, I modified some of the topics of the speakers because I saw the source of inspiration in another aspect of their life that was more influential, for example, than what they wanted to present,,, as well as the participation. of people with special needs and making the audience participate in sign language in greeting and thanking the speaker in the language of the deaf and mute. Those things and details make a lot of difference in the final result of the event. Satisfying the audience and making the experience unique and unforgettable. The harmony of the work team and its good management allow the team to be creative and work in a friendly environment in which ideas and suggestions are available, which helps them to present their work with love and passion.

She added: We prepared for the women’s treatment in Aden within one month, which is a very record period of time and with a limited budget compared to the budgets that are usual in tDCS activities. This is due to good financial management and the art of facing challenges in management, and the number of my assistant team did not exceed 12 members. And 13 male and female volunteers.

She pointed out, saying: We have had very successful previous experiences, and we are betting on our success in everything we offer, including the Aden Arts Cake Arts Exhibition, the Davos Economic Conference, the Japan Pchakcha International Events, the Bedaya Program, and other very successful events and conferences.

She said: As for the topics covered by the TEDx Conference for Women, the topics presented ranged from the experiences of pioneers, inspiring dialogues and influential life experiences, some of which brought tears to the eyes of the attendees because of their messages of endurance. , determination, and the faith that women have in this city that does not know the impossible.

Certainly, the TEDx Conference for Women in Aden proved to be an important platform to empower women and strengthen their role in society. The efforts made by the organizers, participants and sponsors deserve respect and appreciation. The organization and the participants hope that this conference will continue in the future to empower more women and strengthen
Their development in all fields.

As Mrs. Ashwaq Taha said –
The director of the late Nour Haider Girls’ School in Sheikh Othman, one of the participants in the conference, told us about his experience, saying:
I am the director of the first educational institution for girls in the Arabian Peninsula
I feel honored and privileged to be one of the participants in this international TEDx WOMEN event, which takes the name of the historic and pioneering school in the education of girls.

She added: This event represents a very great importance for me because it presents to the world that Aden was at a time when it was under the rule of foreign colonialists and at a time when it was in the Arabian Peninsula.
The Arabian Gulf region lives in outdated social customs and traditions, in which a girl’s leaving home and her education are considered taboo. We were in Aden and in the city of Sheikh Othman teaching girls in a regular government school. In that period , it was considered a revolution for a girl who was limited to the walls to go to education.
I feel that I have achieved my greatest achievements in my educational career by being the one who was able to revive the history of the school and name it after the late pioneer of girls’ education in the Arabian Peninsula, Nour Haider, who is the name. she deserves. My sense of belonging to the motherland and its soil makes me proud of the presence of this historic and pioneering school in my city and that I am its director. I hope that it deserves the attention and distinction it deserves, and not to be seen as an ordinary school… but rather to become a shrine, a historical reference, and a model to be emulated and proud of.

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