The Health Office in Aden is holding an urgent meeting to take the necessary procedures and measures to prevent the spread of the cholera epidemic.

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The Director General of the Office of Public Health and Population in the capital, Aden, Prof. Ahmed Muthanna Al-Bishi, yesterday morning, Sunday, in the Al-Sadaqa hospital in Aden, an urgent meeting was held to take the necessary procedures and measures to prevent the spread of the cholera epidemic, which threatens the lives of citizens.

In the meeting, which included the Advisor to the General Director of the Health Office in Aden, Dr. Najeeb Abdul Mawla, and the Director of Primary Health Care in the county, Dr. Awad Al-Awlaki, and the director of epidemiological surveillance in the governorate, Dr. Majdi Al-Daari, Director of Health Education and Media in Aden, Nahwan Al-Aghbari, Directors of Health in the Capital Directorates, and General Director of Al-Sadaqa Hospital, Dr. Raja Ahmed, the representative of the Health Committee in the National Assembly of the Transitional Council, Dr. Abdel Fattah Qaed, and the representative of the International Organization for Migration, Dr. Ayman Al-Aqrabi, and representatives of the Belgian organizations UNPOS and Doctors Without Borders.

The meeting reviewed the emergency response and rapid action, in the isolated building of the Friendship Hospital, to provide service and health care for cases of cholera from African immigrants (Armoa), showing an increase in the number of cholera cases, reaching 25 cases. within three days.

The meeting discussed raising the maximum preparedness, preparing an emergency response plan to fight the disease, stocking the building with medicines and supplies, and preparing the operating room to communicate with security operations to transfer suspected cases of cholera to the isolation building of the Friendship hospital , to avoid a cholera outbreak and a health disaster that exceeds the country’s capacity.

He showed in the meeting the coordination with the security authorities to limit the outlets of the county, including the influx of African immigrants to Aden.

Al-Bishi showed at the meeting of the International Organization for Migration the need to move quickly to limit the cases of suspected African migrants and prevent them from flowing to Aden, and provide a safe place for cases that are out of danger.

Al-Bishi called on all relevant parties and international organizations supporting health to take serious steps and intervene quickly to contain this outbreak. Protecting Aden from danger is everyone’s responsibility.

In addition, Al-Bishi and his accompanying delegation visited some patients in the isolated building of the hospital, and the medical staff checked their health.

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