The latest leaks confirm that the Galaxy S24 series will not come with a major change in the exterior design

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The latest leaks have confirmed that Samsung will not make many changes to the exterior design of the upcoming Galaxy S24 series, as the Korean giant aims to focus on updating the internal settings and software.

Samsung has started working on developing a new generation of the Galaxy S series of phones, as the Korean giant supports the Galaxy S24 series with significant improvements in internal settings.

I also checked photo leaks of prototypes of the Galaxy S24 series, which explained the dimensions of these versions. I published images showing the dimensions of the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and also the Galaxy S24 Ultra via the @SonnyDickson account.

The Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus models appear with a flat design in the side frames, with rounded corners and triple settings in the rear camera.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra comes in a rectangular design, with a rear camera setup that includes 5 cameras, and the leaks showed that this version has dimensions of 162.3 by 79.0 by 8.7 mm, which are almost the same characteristic dimensions of the S23 Ultra phone .

The leaks confirm that the new Ultra phone will come this year with a completely flat design, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra is also expected to have the same distinctive weight as last year’s version.

The Galaxy S24 Plus has dimensions of 158.5 by 75.9 by 7.75 mm, while the main version of the Galaxy S24 comes with dimensions of 147.0 by 70.5 by 7.6 mm, which are the same dimensions as the main versions of the Galaxy S23 series.

Previous reports have indicated that Samsung plans to support future versions with a titanium design as an alternative to the distinctive aluminum alloy design, and the initial models of the phones appear white in the leaked images, but expectations indicate Samsung’s plans to push for a new color. elections next year.

On the other hand, Samsung supports the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and also the Galaxy S24 Ultra with LTPO technology in the screen, and these versions also receive an update in the camera settings.


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