The Leadership Council will win politically or militarily Written by Jaber Muhammad

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The Presidential Leadership Council is well aware of the dangers of the current and future political phase, especially in light of Houthi intransigence and its lack of seriousness to enter into a peace phase that will end the war and return security and stability to Yemen.

Transfer of arms, restoration of state institutions, respect for the law and the constitution, and respect for the will of the people to choose who will govern them and represent them, realize their interests, and fulfill the aspirations of the people in providing internal security and stability, as well. such as maintaining security with geographically neighboring countries and international navigation, are principles that the Presidential Council cannot renounce.

Yemeni legitimacy adheres to the three references that represent a road map for the future, as well as the Saudi Arabian initiative, which we see as the most suitable for the Yemeni reality to implement what the Yemeni people agreed to, if it were not for the brutal one. a coup that blocked the way of the modern state.

Today, the Presidential Council, whose membership includes the most effective political and military figures in the Yemeni arena to face Houthi, has become more cohesive and aware of the demands of the scene and can resolve issues politically or militarily.

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