The national football team continues its preparations in preparation to face Bahrain

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Abha (Aden of Tomorrow) Fadl Al-Gouna / Photography / Saen Al-Hindi

Our first national football team continues its preparations and readiness to face the Bahrain national team in the match that will bring them together next Thursday evening at the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Sports City Stadium in the city of Abha, Saudi Arabia. Today evening our team did the training in the reserve stadium in the Sports City Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, with the participation of all the players. After the arrival of the duo Anis Al-Maari, a professional in (Bahla Club), and the player Hamza Muhammad Sabah, a professional in (Bahraini Isa Town Club).
The technical staff, led by Coach Scoop and his assistant technical staff, concentrated in their exercises tonight on warming up with squares and stretching exercises and focusing on tactical duties, whether in strokes of strokes or positions as a team.
Our national team continues its camp in the Saudi Arabian city of Abha amid great optimism of the mission members and high morale of the players who aspire to achieve an honorable result for Yemeni football.

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