The prime minister meets with the President of Al-Mahra University and reviews the progress of work at the university

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Today, the President of Al-Mahra University, His Excellency Dr. Anwar Muhammad Kalshat, received the Prime Minister, Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik, in his office in the interim capital, Aden, to discuss the progress of educational and academic work in the university and the most prominent needs and challenges.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister heard from the President of Al-Mahra University a detailed explanation of the efforts and steps taken by the leadership of the university in the establishment process and the academic and educational aspects, especially regarding the opening of new colleges and specific specialties and to attract qualified academic staff specialized in the scientific and applied aspects.

The prime minister directed to focus on quality scientific productions that keep pace with modern developments, and to be a quality addition to the academic education sector, pointing to the government’s zeal for the success of Al-Mahra University to fulfill its role in serving the academic. process and achieving the desired goals, expressing its thanks and appreciation for the academic, educational and research efforts it has made. a building that plays a pivotal role in serving human development and society, providing the local market with qualified cadres, and achieving the desired goals, emphasizing its support according to the available skills.

For his part, Dr. Anwar Kalshat thanked the Prime Minister for his support to the university, demanding an increase in the support given by the government to improve the role of the university. He emphasized that Al-Mahra University is going. through an establishment phase and needs a large budget and support to embark on the path of development and strengthen its scientific and academic reputation at the national and international levels. He reviewed the steps and projects that have been carried out, the activities that have been carried out, and the successes achieved up to now

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