The third Battalion of the second Support and Support Brigade, deployed in Khobar Al-Marakesha, retains the fishing boat of citizen Ahmed Al-Naib.

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After receiving a report from one of the fishermen that a boat was found floating on the surface of the sea without anyone on board, a force from the Third Battalion of the Second Brigade provided support and assistance, led by Major/ Khaled Alaw Al-Marqashi, deployed on the coastal strip to secure it against the smuggling operations that have spread recently.We went extensively to the location of the report and after examining, verifying, collecting data and evidence and matching with a report submitted in the past two days. from the owner of one of the fishing boats named Ahmed Al-Naib, from the coastal city of Shaqra, stating that a boat belonging to him has disappeared, with two engines on board with a power of 65 and 60 horsepower, and according to a witness. testimony of some fishermen, the boat was followed. Al-Sayad/Ahmed Al-Naib

As a matter of responsibility and constant concern for preserving the property and lives of citizens, Major/ Khaled Alaw Al-Marqashi, Commander of the Third Battalion. The Second Support Brigade received the boat and the remaining 60-horsepower engine from one of the fishermen. The engine was lowered and stored at the battalion’s location. The boat was also placed under the custody of one of the battalion’s soldiers for protect it

Major Khaled Alaw Al-Marqashi stated that they are in constant contact in coordination with the force deployed on the coastal strip from the coastal city of Shaqra to M/Ahour to collect evidence and discover the circumstances of the boat theft incident, taking one of its. engines and throwing it with the other engine into the open sea, reassuring the boat owner that his property is the boat and the engine. The other is preserved and protected by the Third Battalion of the Second Support and Support Brigade, which is deployed on the coastal strip adjacent to the area of ​​Khabar Al-Maraqsha. He can come to the site of the Third Battalion and bring proof of ownership of the boat and engine or an expert body that guarantees the accuracy of his information, and it will be delivered to his boat and engine at any time.

It should be noted that the Second Brigade supported and supported Babin under the leadership of Brigadier General Mazen Al-Junaidi, the commander of the brigade and its staff, Colonel Fahmi Al-Saadi, in constant communication with the commanders of the battalions of the brigade deployed on the coastal strip to maintain security in the Khabar Al-Maraqsha area and Ahwar District and work in the spirit of one team to extend security and end operations.Smuggling that has recently spread on the coastal strip

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