The Yemeni Scouts and Guides Association honors the General Secretary of the Arab Scout Organization in Cairo

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The Yemeni Scout Association honored Mr. Omar Hamdi, Secretary General of the Arab Scout Organization, in a ceremony organized by the Arab Scout Committee in the presence of a large group of scout leaders in honor of Mr. Amr Hamdi, Secretary-General of the Arab Scout Organization and Director of the Arab Scout Territory, on the occasion of his retirement at the end of this year.

In the ceremony, Commander Mishaal bin Saif Al-Daari, Commissioner General of the Yemen Scout Association and member of the Arab Scout Committee, together with Commander Muhammad Al-Junaid, Director General of the Office of the Minister of State, Governor of the capital. , Aden, and the eminent young leader Wissam Al-Khamisi, honored the secretary general, Mr. Amr Hamdi, with a distinctive memorial gift (a Yemeni foreign nationality) that expresses his heritage. And the history of the Yemeni people, as an expression of great thanks and appreciation for the great services he has rendered to the Yemeni scouts in particular, the most notable of which is the historic visit he made to Yemen recently and celebrated by lighting the flame with the young Yemeni scouts the flame of the anniversary of the Yemeni Revolution in the Governorate of Ma’rib on the eve of September 26, 2023 AD, as well as for what he provided to the Arab scouts in general for four days. For years, during which he assumed the responsibility of overseeing the administration of the region, wanting to him good health and well-being.

*By Mansour Amer.

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