There is no crossroads between joy and pain.

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Written by: Muhammad Al-Awlaki

* Who would have believed that this snapshot, escaped from the agenda of time, is a prelude to a green pain that went on and on?
* This picture, in which the leader of the Aden Al-Ahmadi unit lifts the Republic Cup, is exactly 34 years old.
* Here is overwhelming and united joy after defeating traditional rivals Al-Tilal in the final of the Republic Cup with a goal from penalty conqueror Khaled Afara.
* Green joys were followed by comforts flavored with bitter melon… and what pain that was unleashed by all the cares in this ancient team.
* This cup was the last cup lifted by the Ahmadi leader at the age of 29. Does this surprise you?
So get ready for the next surprise.
* This great coronation in the presence of the President of the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen, Ali Salem Al-Baidh, was the last official title to enter the closet of Al-Wahda Club.. After that, the reservation announced the joy.. . And Al-Wahda Nights Al-Mallah was sold at the worst auction..
* Al-Wahda were the first and last team to collect the league and cup championships in 1989.
* Historical precedent is the inability of the hills to reach their highest peak, despite the great differences that tended to the hills.
* Sheikh Othman City almost lost his mind when the sarcastic monologist Muhammad Modal sang at the late night art concert, rejoicing in the achievement of combining the league and cup championships:
When the referee canceled and Plenty announced for Al-Wahda immediately… Khaled Afara didn’t stop his corner in the left corner… Al-Wahda Club did what they did, people, to paralyze the league and paralyze the cup. ..
* It was a malicious song filled with biting sarcasm against the traditional rival, Al-Tilal… but, Glory be to God… Al-Tilal returned after that a hero… while unity hid behind a cloud of doubt. that rained acids that were of no use to crops or breasts…

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