Transitional Vice President of Abyan monitors the health of freedom fighter Sheikh Abdul Rab Al-Naqeeb

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Today, Mr. Ali Sheikh Al-Suri, Vice President of the Transitional Council of Abyan, visited Sheikh Abdul-Rab Al-Naqeeb to check his health at his home in the city of Jaar, after surgery in the capital, Aden, which was crowned by success

During the visit, the Vice President of the Transitional Council of Abyan checked the health of the activist, the Captain, after a health problem and the surgery in one of the hospitals of the capital, wishing the activist, the Captain, health and a speedy recovery. .

Al-Suri emphasized that the captain’s visit is mandatory because of the role he has played in the struggle since the beginning of the southern revolution, and as a tribal and social figure who has weight among the people, in addition to being one of the most prominent founders of the Southern Movement in Abyan Governorate.

The transitional vice president of the county was accompanied in the visit by brother Abdul Latif Haitham, Director of the Department of Human Rights of the local leadership in Khanfar.

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