38 accused were arrested in criminal cases

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Aden (Aden of Tomorrow) Ministry of Interior:

Yesterday, Tuesday, the police departments in the liberated counties received 32 reports of seized criminal cases.

While 38 defendants were arrested in connection with these cases, 9 of which consisted of theft, 7 mild intentional damage, 3 attacks on the property of others, and 8 which varied between 2 damages to private money, 2 frauds, 2 narcotic substances, 2. assaults against an employee, in addition to 5 other miscellaneous cases.

Reports from the operational rooms of the governorates indicated that the police arrested 15 defendants in Taiz, 10 defendants in the Hadhramaut coast, 5 in Ma’rib, 4 in Aden, 2 in Hadramaut al-Wadi, and the same in Hodeidah.

Reports from the governorates of Taiz, Ma’rib, Hadramaut, Al-Sahel, Shabwa, Abyan, and Al-Dhale’ included continuing their efforts to track down defendants in 20 criminal cases.

The report showed that there was a contact incident that caused a fire in Aden Governorate and an accidental injury in Shabwa.

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