A meeting discusses the printing of the textbook at the Ministry of Education

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A meeting was held on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, in the building of the Program Management Unit at the Ministry of Education to discuss the implementation of the textbook printing component and the importance of preparing the technical specifications for the book, with support from the Restorative Teaching. and Learning project financed by the World Bank and the Global Partnership for Education and implemented by Save the Children (REAL 1 Project), which amounts to The cost of the component is approximately 3.6 million USD.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. M. Muhammad Omar Baslim, Head of the Technical Office, in the presence of Undersecretaries of the Ministry, Dr. Abdul-Ghani Al-Shawdhabi and Dr. Zaid Muhammad Qahtan and Fadl Abdullah Ali, Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Project Sector, in addition to Dr. Tamim Abdul Raqeeb, Director of the Program Management Unit at the Ministry, as well as the presence of a representative of the Child Protection Organization and the General Organization for School Book Presses.

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