Al-Mahra Transitional President reviews the progress of the educational process at Omar Bin Al-Khattab High School in Shehn District

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The head of the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Al-Mahra Governorate, Mujahid bin Afrar, accompanied by his deputy, Musab Hamed, and some members of the executive body on Tuesday morning, accompanied by the Commander of the Border Guard. , Brigadier General Kamel Zaabnut, and Muhammad Saeed Zaabnut, Secretary General of the Directorate, made an inspection visit to Omar bin Al-Khattab Secondary School in the Shihn District. In Al-Mahra Governorate, where they were received by the headmaster, Saeed Hassan bin Masoud , and the teaching staff.

Ben Afrar heard from the high school director a brief explanation of the progress of the educational process and the efforts made by the high school administration and its teaching staff so that male and female students achieve excellent academic achievement, and also the most outstanding. difficulties and challenges facing the progress of the educational process.

Bin Afrar praised the efforts made by the management of Omar Bin Al Khattab Secondary School. And its teaching staff is in light of those difficult conditions. Emphasizing the transition readiness of the county to overcome difficulties and provide needs according to available capacities.

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