Announcing the Centurion No Pogo SL electric bike with Bosch Performance Line SX motor

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i have It was completed to reveal on bicycle Mountainous electrical Centurion No Pogo SL (e-MTB). And come bicycle e light the weight Who full With a lot of Technology.

complete Bike running of System Bicycles Bosch Performance SX And it is done Support it Like a crusher road. like that it used System Bosch Performance Line SX that It was completed to reveal about him Recently with look Balanced.

Supposedly that System Bosch the new He provides feeling Of course when use help pedal. like that gravity And work System Bicycles Bosch Performance Line SX Tall very.

used bicycle a group of Features to provide help Perfect to pedal in everyone success. And it was done manufacturing Centurion No Pogo SL of material light the weight, Ol improves Its allure And its capabilities on roads Mountainous The difficult one.

informs limit Al-Aqsa To solve Rotation by bicycle 55 Newton meter, But Its a framework light Extremely does it Model For performance. she is maybe that cut off track Smoothly until when Move up.

contains bicycle on cover engine And entrances cooling To keep on Its performance optimal. like that it to include battery strongly 400 Watt And availability range It arrives to 85 how much. maybe too supply bicycle With expansion the range.

Bonus on that contains bicycle on tires chewy of style Schwalbe Aerothan will Moving around Smoothly until on Landforms The difficult one.

come on bicycle equipped System comment of style the first He provides what It arrives to 150 mm of the movement in Forward And 145 mm in Back. And come bicycle too As for With a motor Shimano XT or Sram XO Eagle Transmission.

begins price bicycle Centurion No Pogo SL of 8570 $. And with that The details Availability complete no available in the time to present.


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