Center “Haqqi” and the Dialogue Forum organize a solidarity stand in Geneva with victims of torture in Palestine and Yemen

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Yesterday, Tuesday, the Haqqi Center for the Support of Rights and Freedoms and the Dialogue Forum Foundation for Development and Human Rights organized a protest and solidarity stand in front of the headquarters of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva in solidarity with victims of torture in the Middle East and North Africa.

This stand, in which representatives of non-governmental organizations participated, including those that have consultative status with the United Nations and the Arab communities in Geneva, coincided with the holding of the 78th session of the Committee against Torture at the seat of the Commission.

The slogans raised by the participants in the protest emphasized the crimes of torture practiced by the Israeli authorities against the Palestinians for decades on the one hand, as well as the crimes of torture committed by the Houthi militia in Yemen, especially against women and children, on the other hand.

The chants of the participants included condemnation of these crimes and the double standards practiced by the international community regarding Arab human rights issues.

Legal Adviser Hani Al-Aswadi, head of the Haqi Center for the Support of Rights and Freedoms and resident representative of the Center for Information and Rehabilitation on Human Rights, confirmed that this stance comes as a clear message to the United Nations mechanisms on the need to intervene to stop. these crimes committed by the occupation authorities and the Houthi militia against international human rights law, as well as their multiple crimes, which are also violated. International humanitarian law.

Al-Aswadi pointed out that this international and international silence is what encourages violators to commit more crimes and perpetuates the path of impunity.

For his part, lawyer Saeed Abdel Hafez, head of the Foundation Forum for Dialogue and Development and member of the National Council for Human Rights in Egypt, indicated that this attitude comes in condemnation of the crimes of the Israeli occupation and in solidarity with the people of Gaza, which is now suffering from a worsening of the humanitarian conditions due to the recent Israeli attack, underlining the need to triumph for the rights of the Palestinian people and rejecting the crimes of the Gaza Strip. Extermination or forced displacement of Palestinians in violation of the rules of international humanitarian law

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