Did stomachs win over brains? Written by Hassan Omar Al-Subaihi

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Our southern people experienced a famine that the fathers spoke of, despite their suffering at that stage, and everyone knows, and this famine was not far away. Most people had neither pensions nor savings and lived at the expense of the Most Merciful. According to what the grandfather explained to us, those crises did not make them complain and sit in their homes crying. And they tear the hair from their heads, their beards or their moustaches. Rather, it made them think how to do. manage their affairs, and think and look for alternatives, and with faith in God, Glory be to Him, that God created them and He is the one who feeds and drinks them, and they act according to the means in their search and look for food, even if it is little and little. That is the decree of the Almighty, the Omniscient, and man must rule Things not be ruled by them.

Great was the servant’s faith in his Lord, the faith of the believer who knows that difficult things must be solved because they have a Wise and All-Knowing Lord.

But people are different today because of their weak dealings with Malik
To stay away from His teachings and what is required of the servant is to follow them, and believe in God and destiny and destiny, and trust in Him, and know that God is the one who tests you and tests you and examines you. you to know your patience when suffering, and your faith that God Almighty is able to solve things and that He is able to do everything.

So here you are today, complaining, angry and blaming a being for what is happening, without working on the reasons, and looking for a way out, even if it is a small thing, to provide even the minimum amount of life.

You must know that this thing has imposed upon you the occupation of your brain, and let it be that which guides you to salvation, for the mind was created for thinking, and God Almighty is for planning. Don’t let your stomach control your life because it is a tool for filling, grinding and excreting.

I hope the idea has reached you, and I hope you will act wisely as the circumstances require, for difficult circumstances require minds to manage things, not stomachs.
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